Withdrawing Funds

How much money do I need to turnover before I can withdraw?

Any deposits made must be turned over at least once prior to making a withdrawal to comply with our AML/CTF policy as governed by the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (AML/CTF Act). For example:

If you are to deposit $100 and bet $50 the below example would clarify RivalBet's overturn policy. In the event, the $50 wager is a winning bet and returns $100.00 ($50 Profit) your balance would be $150.00. This would mean your RivalBet account stands as:

Account balance $150.00

Withdrawable Balance $100.00

Please note that any voided or refunded bets do not count as being turned over.

How do I withdraw my money?

  1. Please select 'My Account' which is the money bag icon located on the bottom right corner of your home page. (Please refer to image below)
    RivalBet wallet tab
  2. Then select “Withdraw”
    Withdraw with RivalBet
  3. Fill in your account details via “+ Add bank transfer account”

    Then on to
    Enter bank details
    Once details have been completed press DONE
  4. Finalising your withdrawal
    Finalise bank withdrawal
    Once you have selected your nominated bank account, please enter the amount you would like to withdraw followed by WITHDRAW NOW

How long does it take to withdraw from my RivalBet account via Bank Transfer?

Withdrawals made via Bank Transfer are processed by the bank overnight and subject to standard bank processing times. In most cases, withdrawals made prior to 2 pm AEST Monday through to Friday are processed into your bank account the following day. Any withdrawals made after 2 pm AEST Friday, Saturday or Sunday may not be received by your bank until the following Tuesday morning. Once a withdrawal has been created, RivalBet will be unable to cancel this.

Please note that withdrawal times may increase if a public holiday occurs during the withdrawal period.

I have a missing withdrawal.

Please allow RivalBet 2 business days to process your withdrawal. If you have requested a withdrawal on a Thursday or Friday, you can expect your withdrawal to arrive in your bank account by the coming Monday or Tuesday. If your withdrawal has still not arrived in your bank account, please contact us by emailing support@rivalbet.com.au so that we may investigate this issue further.

Why can't I withdraw my funds?

As stated above, one of the reasons could be that the funds have not been overturned, read more here. Another reason could be that your account may not be verified. All accounts must be verified before withdrawals can be processed. If you believe your account is verified and are unsure as to why you may be experiencing difficulties withdrawing your funds, please contact us via email on support@rivalbet.com.au

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