Rivals and everything you need to know

What are Rivals and why do I need them?

Rivals are your friends, family or just old mate from work. When you invite someone to become your Rival, you're both able to see what each other bets on.

  • You can see their specific selections, recent bets and top betting categories.
  • Rivals are eligible to be invited to any groups that you've a part of so they can participate in your custom private bets.
  • When you enter a bet, you can invite your Rivals to join
  • If you pick a winner, even share it with your Rivals to let them know who's the boss.
  • We’re always looking for new ways to expand the Rivals feature, so expect some exciting features to come.

How can I invite Rivals?

We've made inviting rivals easy so you can focus on the important things

You can either watch the video below or keep scrolling if you'd prefer to read.

  • Load up the RivalBet app and tap 'Profile' located at the bottom right.
  • Next, just under your username and profile picture, there's a button labelled 'Invite Rivals'; tap that.

  1. There should be a 'Share' button to tap or a prompt asking you for permission to access the contacts your wish to invite.
  2. Now it's just a matter of finding who you want to become your Rival and tapping 'Invite'.

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