Promotions and Bonus Bets

Who gets Bonus Bets?

To be eligible to receive a Bonus Bet, the individual member of RivalBet must be an Australian Resident.

RivalBet issues Bonus Bets on a case-by-case basis or via specific promotions. Therefore, some members may not be eligible. Please see section 5 of the Terms and Conditions for more information

Only the member who is allocated the bonus bet may redeem the bonus bet.

What Promotions are on offer?

RivalBet lists all of our current promotions and any promotions tailored for you under Promotions in the RivalBet app.

To locate promotions:

  1. Open the RivalBet app and log in.
  2. Make sure you are on the 'Home page' by tapping Home in the bottom left of the app.
  3. Once you are there, tap the 'Promos' bubble at the top.

Alternatively, you may tap the Hamburger Menu (Three horizontally stacked lines), and the third menu item should be 'Promotions & Offers'.

How do I see Bonus Bets?

On the RivalBet app, if you look to the bottom right corner, there will be an icon named ‘Profile’.

Tap Profile, and if you look towards the top right of the app, you will see the number of bonus bets available to use. Tapping on the 'Bonus Bets' will provide you with more information.

How can I use my Bonus Bet?

Each bonus bet comes with conditions that specify what markets are redeemable with the bonus bet. If you locate your bonus bets as mentioned above, each one will outline the specific conditions for their use.

To use a bonus bet, navigate to the bonus bet section mentioned above. If you tap on the specific 'Bonus Bet', it will show you a list of all the markets eligible for you to enter. Apart from the market restrictions, each bonus bet must be redeemed in a bet of equal buy-in value to the bonus bet.

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