All about RivalBet Groups

What are groups?

Groups come in two seperate types; public and private.

A public group is one that anyone can join and are often focused around a particular theme. We've creaated some default public groups such as Horse Racing, AFL, NBA, etc. However, you can also set any group that you've created to public as well, in which case, anyone will be able to view and join the group and enter any bets created for the group.

Private groups are one's where you're the boss. You pick everything from the name, the sports or racing to bet on, who can join and much more.

Group Features

Apart from what's mentioned above, groups are like your own personal punting area on the RivalBet app.

You can customise your bets by picking specific lines or handicaps. You get to choose the buy-in price for each bet, and you can even upload an icon for your group to make it stand out.

We also have a chat section for private groups where you can message your Rivals, show off your winnings and have a bit of fun.

How can I make a group?

Creating a group is simple and takes less than a minute

You can either watch the video below or keep scrolling if you'd prefer to read.

  • First things first, open the RivalBet app. At the bottom of the screen, directly in the center, there will be an icon labeled 'Groups'.
  • This will bring you to the main groups page, and if you look towards the top, there should be two tabs labelled 'Public' and 'Private', respectively. This is how to find any private groups you've joined, since we're making a group, we want to tap on the '+' icon located just above the 'private' tab.

  1. A popup should appear with a large button to 'Create Group'. Once you tap the 'Create Group' button, you will be able to select any Rival you wish to join your group. Once you've selected everyone that you wish to join, tap the 'Next' button located at the top right of the app.
  2. Type in your group's name and hit the 'NEXT' button at the bottom
  3. Now you can add your own photo for your group's icon, or you can skip for now by tapping the 'Skip' button at the top right.
  4. Now, once you're happy with your groups, all that's left to do is hit the 'Create Group' button. If you like, there is also a toggle just above the button to switch between a public or private group.

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