How to create a bet

So you’re ready to buck the system and make your own bets? RivalBet makes it easy, so let’s get crackin' on the bet of your dreams!

You can either watch the video below or keep scrolling if you'd prefer to read.

First things first, with the RivalBet app open look to the top left corner and tap on the three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other, also known as a hamburger menu.

This will bring a drop down menu and all you need to do is look down a bit and tap on 'Create Bet'. Now we the real fun begins.

Choose from one of the groups that you have joined.

Select an event or game you like.

Select the Market type that you’re after, that’s things like Head to Head, Total Points, and the like.

Choose the stake amount you want everyone to put in. Just be aware that some groups have a minimum and maximum stake values, such as our $2 and $5 groups which have a fixed stake

And now you can create the bet of your dreams, on your terms!

How to join a bet

There are a few ways to join a bet, depending on what you're after. If you want to join something that's about to go quickly, or you want some of the more popular categories, you can tap on the 'Home' icon at the bottom right of the app.

Towards the top of the screen, there will be several category icons in circles that you can tap to select if they interest you. You can also swipe the icons across for more options, pictured below.

You can tap on the 'Groups' icon located at the bottom middle of the app, just across from the Home icon mentioned in the previous step. Once you're in Groups look towards the top, there will be a tab for Public groups and one for Private groups. For this example, we will join a bet in one of the public groups. Bets in public groups are available for anyone to bet on, and you can learn more about them here

Once you find one of the public groups you like, you can tap on it, and a list of all the different bets available under that group will appear. Find a bet you like in that group and tap on the 'Bet' button

Choose your selection.

A confirmation box will ask you to confirm that everything is correct and if it is, hit submit.

You will now be shown a confirmation screen with a bet receipt. Happy punting.

How to join a multi

Joining a multi bet is a similar process to what's described in the 'how to join a bet' section above. Just like above, you can quickly find multis by tapping on some of the shortcut categories located on the homescreen.

An alternative way to find all multis created by RivalBet is to go to the Groups section of the RivalBet app. First tap 'Groups' in the RivalBet app located at the bottom middle.

Then look for the Multis icon, usually located in the top right.

This will display all of the multis currently available to bet on. Once you find one you like, tap 'Join'.

This will bring you to the multi overview, showing all of the different legs in the multi and any additional details. Once you're ready to enter the multi, tap 'Join Multi Madness'.

This will take you to another screen with some details such as the entry fee and how many other bets there are in the multi. Tap 'Join Now' if you wish to continue.

You should see a pop up briefly explaining how multi madness works and if you agree, tap 'Accept'.

Next, you can tap on the selections you would like for each leg. Note that there might be more than two options for specific legs, in which case you can slide the selections across. This is similar to the icons in the circles mentioned in the 'How to join a bet' section. Once you're happy with your selections, tap 'Place Bets'.

Another confirmation window will appear to ask if your selections are correct and display your potential payout. If everything looks good, tap 'Confirm Bets!'

Congratulations, you've just placed a multi. You can see any bet you've placed by tapping the 'My Account' icon located to the right of Groups.

What happens if no one else enters a bet I've joined

If no member holds the winning bet for a market, all members who entered the market will be refunded the full amount they paid to enter the bet. Likewise, if no member takes the opposing side of a bet, the market is deemed void, and all bets refunded. However, the previous two statements might not apply if you have entered a rollover multi as prior to joining a rollover multi, it is stipulated that the money will be rolled over into the next multi if there are no winners.

What is a rollover multi

Rollover multis are similar to regular multis, except if no one wins, everyone's stake goes into the following multi of its type. For example, if no one wins the week 1 AFL rollover multi, all stakes will continue into the week 2 AFL rollover multi, if no one wins, week 3, etc. This continues until there is a winner or the rollover period ends.

This means that the total cash prize is 'rolled over' into the following rollover multis, increasing the total cash prize every time there are no winners. However, even if you have entered a rollover multi, you do not automatically enter the following rollover multi, and you will have to re-enter if you want another chance to win.

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