Account Login

How do I join RivalBet?

Navigate to the RivalBet Homepage, click on “Sign Up” at the centre of the screen. Input your details, and please note that it is essential these details are accurate for verification purposes. You will also need to confirm you have read our terms and conditions by ticking the box. Once completed, select your username and password, and create your account.

How do I logout?

If you would like to logout of the RivalBet app, start by tapping the 'Home' icon in the bottom left corner of the app.
RivalBet Home Tab

Tapping 'Home' will have returned you to the home screen. If you look to the top left, you will see three lines stacked on top of each other, also known as a 'Burger Menu'. Tap the 'Burger Menu' to open up a side panel with a list of options.

RivalBet main menu

At the very bottom of the list should be Settings. Once you tap on 'Settings', another page with a list of options will appear and at the bottom is the 'Logout' button.

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