What is RivalBet

What is RivalBet

RivalBet is a new and exciting way to bet that puts the control back in your hands. Traditional betting requires you to bet against professional bookies who create their own prices, rules and may refuse your bets. RivalBet is a peer to peer betting service which levels the playing field and lets you bet against your fellow punters.

Well, that sounds all good and well, but what's the catch, and how does it differ? For starters, there are no odds in the traditional sense as you're not betting against the house. Instead, punters funds are all placed together into a ‘Total Cash Stack’ and divided amongst the winners. Of course, we have to get something back for providing the platform and service, so we take a small portion of up to 15% from the total cash before paying out the winners. If no one betting on a specific market holds a winning bet, the market will be deemed void and all bets will be refunded. You can read more about the specifics in our Terms and Conditions

Each market, whether it be a single or a multi-bet, has a 'buy-in' price. A buy-in price is a minimum amount every punter puts into the markets total cash when choosing their preferred selections for the market. Currently, the only market that's available to be entered multiple times is 'Multi Madness'.

Apart from the markets RivalBet has provided, we also let you create your own markets for you and your rivals to bet on. We're always trying to improve and add support for new and exciting markets to give you the ability to build the bet of your dreams. However, as thorough as we try to be, there may be some exciting markets that we haven't thought of yet. RivalBet always welcomes new ideas and suggestions to help build the perfect betting platform anyone would love to bet on.

You are also welcome to contact our customer support team via support@rivalbet.com.au

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